Production Webserver Series

Production Webserver Series

This series will aim to become a reference to creating an ideal Production Webserver. It is geared towards Drupal configurations, but can be used for any server whose main function is to serve webpages.

The indented audience would be the intermediate sysadmin / dev[ops], but there will be lots of resources for all levels. Intermediate is used in the sense that you should be comfortable in the shell, and be familiar with the components & roles involved in a web server (e.g. HTTP server, database, scripting languages, etc).

The Problem

Creating a performant, secure, scalable, redundant, production server environment can be (is) a complicated task. Having managed dozens of servers for many years, by no means is the content in this series the only way to achieve our goal. However, if you're administering your own server with a lot of clients, this is what works for us.

The Solution / SEO plug :)

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting, proper DNS Configuration, CentOS/RHEL6, nginx/HTTD, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, Drush, HAProxy, Zend OpCache, Memcached, Varnish, SELinux, SSL, New Relic & Tarsnap / Automated Backups.

The TOC can be found at the top of the page. The list will be updated with links as new articles in the series are published (about once a week). Subscribe to an RSS feed if you would like to stay current.